Monday, November 17, 2008

Laugh Of The Day

Why isn't this Beyonce's real "Single Ladies" video?


Zil said...

For real!

And, she performed the real song after the skit with actual dancers, and it just didn't measure up.

And, why did I crack up every time Justin Timberlake said "we're the dancers"?

EDP said...

LOL! Me, too. He really keeps surprising me with his commitment to the funny.

Zil said...

I know. Between the Barry Gibb Talk Show, dick in a box (makes me laugh every time), and the singing restaurant mascot (which might be my favorite), he's got a lot of the better SNL material. His 2 minute hosting gig on weekend update was also really impressive.

Back in the *NSYNC days, who would have guessed he had the chops?

EDP said...

And I was all prepared not to like him until he turned out to be talented and funny.