Saturday, November 8, 2008

Five Reasons To See "Role Models:"

1. Christopher Mintz-Plasse: He'll always be known as McLovin, but it's a real feat to make that character seem cool by comparison. His turn as Augie, a teen obsessed with a medieval role-playing game, is both hysterically funny and a touch disturbing. I can't believe this is only his second movie.

2. Paul Rudd: I've been a fan of his since "Clueless," and his gift for delivering acid one-liners while remaining likable is perfect for this movie. His character Danny, a miserable energy drink salesman, needs either a big hug or a hard slap. Maybe both. Either way, his scorching put-down of a barista over the word "Venti" is a thing of beauty.

3. Seann William Scott: I was never that into "American Pie," but I can't deny that Scott, as Stifler, was a stitch. Scott's a good-looking guy, but there's a crazy gleam in his eye that makes him funny without having to say anything. He plays Wheeler, Danny's sidekick and the mascot for the "Minotaur" energy drink. The only thing Wheeler loves more than dressing in a Minotaur suit is the pursuit of casual (and frequent) sex.

4. Bobbe J. Thompson: What is it about foul-mouthed kids (who aren't mine) that cracks people up? Thompson plays Ronnie, a 10-year-old who seems to be channeling early Redd Foxx. When Danny tells Wheeler and Ronnie to pick up him and Augie in two hours, Ronnie's response is, "Fuck you, Miss Daisy!" That shouldn't be funny, but it just is. Especially since Thompson delivers the lines with such ... panache.

5. Jane Lynch: Her character, Gayle, runs the troubled-youth program Sturdy Wings, through which Wheeler and Danny become mentors. She's also an ex-con/ex-addict who is teetering on crazy. Her rambling, nonsensical lectures make you wonder if she's still on drugs. You'll never look at a bagel dog quite the same way again.


H F said...

Paul Rudd is sooooooooooo funny. I even laughed at his interview with Terry Gross.

EDP said...

He is a genuinely smart and insightful actor. He's cute, but he plays everything like an underdog.

T.H. Elliott said...

Sean Williams Scott was great in that movie with The Rock. He's a pretty funny guy.

EDP said...

Oh, yeah - "The Rundown." He clearly has no problem looking silly, and I like that in an actor.