Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not That Curious

So my 3-year-old was all hopped to see Curious George at Fun Station, where WFSU/PBS Kids were holding a meet-and-greet on Saturday. Her 8-year-old brother was in it for the video games, because he was convinced that once we were inside, he could con us into spending our life savings on tokens.

We knew we were in trouble when we saw parents walking to Fun Station from across the street. Then weI saw the line of wilted parents and kids stretching out the door and onto the sidewalk. Saturday was hot, muggy and miserable, and we were told it'd be a 40-minute wait to see Curious George (likely a suffering 20-year-old in costume) -- half of it outside. We skipped the photo op and headed straight indoors for the crafts table, where dozens of kids were jockeying for markers and crayons to decorate their construction paper Big Yellow Hats. We didn't stay long.

Daughter wailed miserably once she learned she would NOT get a chance to tell George she was a fan of his work, etc. Alas, hers was but one voice in a sea of whimpering children. I felt bad, but I wasn't about to stand in line that long -- while snaking through the blinking, pinging madness of Fun Station -- to see someone in a monkey suit. You'd have thought people were in line for Jonas Brothers tickets. Either the parents who stayed have far more stamina than I do, or George was handing out martinis at the finish line.

Oh, well. I'm a bigger fan of George's dachshund pal Hundley anyway.


The Irredeemable Shag said...

That's always rough. The wait versus the pay off. We did the long lines to see characters at Disney. My daughter was excited in line, terrified in front of them, and talked about how great they were endlessly afterwards.


H F said...

Oh, the pic of my precious wonder and the big monkey sits proudly on my desk. We got there early and when we arrived at George's station, my son gave him a solemn fist bump ("bump it and lock it, mommy") and then posed for the pic. A total of three seconds. We stuck around for a while longer playing skee-basketball before then hubby and I exchanged that "we have to get out of here NOW" look and we returned to the sanctuary of our living room.

You didn't miss much.