Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Like The Ums

I wish I were one of those people who knew all the cool local acts and could pick out a band on the way up. But I'm not. When we have a babysitter, we pick the lazy option of dinner and a movie instead of going to hear live music.

However, an enthusiastic article in Capital Culture magazine made me curious about The Ums — and they're good. The stuff I streamed on their MySpace page was a mixture of pop tunes that were ironic, dreamy and very catchy. It passed the "I'd pay 99 cents for this on iTunes" test, and I think I'm gonna have to see them live.


downtown guy said...

I go see a lot of local live music, but its mostly punk, oi, rockabilly, that sort of thing. Real low on the dreamy/poppy scale, or else I would make some suggestions.

EDP said...

Hey, DG. I definitely want your suggestions! Seriously. I like just about everything except country. Rock and punk are high on my list of faves. Bring 'em on.

downtown guy said...

Well, there are two shows this very weekend that you might be interested in. Saturday night, County Hell (Irish pub punkish rock) are playing their last set, back up with Lucky Scars (local oi, great stuff) and The Suicide Parlors, whom I haven't heard yet but am looking forward to. That starts at 8 at the Beta Bar on Ralroad.

There's a show at The Shed, which is a diy punk space behind the Shelter, on Virginia directly off Macomb, on Sunday night. Lucky Scars again (they're breaking in a new drummer), Arkham's Gate, and Toe in the Trigger. That'll be a sweaty mess, but a lot of fun.

If you only go to one, go to the Beta Bar show. And say hi to me - I'm the fat guy with a shaved head, glasses, and a big ring through my nose.

EDP said...

Excellent suggestions, man. It's been a while since the ball and chain and I cut a rug. I'm in Tinkerbell birthday party hell this weekend, but I am definitely filing this under "things to do." Soon. FYI, you have the coolest mom! I don't think my mom even knows what a blog is.

downtown guy said...

So, did you make it out at all? I got drunk as Cooter Brown Saturday, but it was a mighty fine show.

Lucky Scars are playing with a Miami punk band called Unit Six on Wednesday at St. Mike's Pub on Gaines Street. It's a lively time.