Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Toy Verdict

Thanks to everybody who weighed in on the Bratz doll dilemma. Your comments really helped me think the matter through over the last week.

The verdict: There will be no Bratz doll for little C. I just can't do it. It might be fine if she were turning 8 or 9 years old, but it's just too soon to go down that road. Instead, we opted to get her a Fisher-Price dollhouse (see above) that comes with furniture a set of family figures. She'll get a couple of books, too, and whatever her grandparents and friends want to give her. I think that's plenty.

Sorry, Sasha. I know you'll find a good home somewhere.


Sghoul said...

Good choice.

I've been seeing those ads about how much pressure little girls have to make sure to dress right and have the right (usually too skinny) bodytype.

EDP said...

That stuff is starting to affect girls earlier than ever. It's disturbing, and God knows I don't want to contribute to that. As it is, we'll have our work cut out for us to combat that.

H F said...

Here's a scary statistic - the average age at which a girl goes on a diet is now FIVE.

EDP said...

That sound you hear is my head exploding. Age FIVE?!

Sghoul said...

Now, how much of that is because so many kids are obeese? And how much of it is neurotic moms?