Thursday, April 17, 2008

Superman is a Dick

My friend C. made my day when she sent me a link to a Web site proving what many comics lovers have known for years: Superman is a dick. The site, a collection of absurd (and real) comic book covers is pure genius. Major props to those guys.

I get that Superman is iconic and I bow to no one in my love of him as portrayed by Christopher Reeve. But as an ongoing comics character, he's a boring, self-righteous meddler. He's most enjoyable when he's being needled by Batman. Plus, he has lousy taste in women. I have yet to understand what Superman sees in my fellow female journalist, Lois Lane. (As an aside, how is it that no one has figured out his identity? I worked in a lot of newsrooms, and if a guy that ripped and great-looking came on board as a reporter, it would raise suspicions. I'm just saying.)

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