Monday, April 28, 2008

Stacey Dash: Like, Whoa

Stacey Dash (Cher from "Clueless") is one of those women I look at and think, "Why didn't she have a bigger career?" Maybe she isn't Alfre Woodard, but she's drop-dead gorgeous and has a certain presence. God knows there are plenty of successful actresses coasting on less. If she were a young actress in Hollywood today, I think she'd have a better shot.

Did I mention that she's 41? Forty. One.

I know I ranted a few days ago about how people act as though an attractive woman over 30 is a rarity — especially if she's a mom, as Dash is. I also realize that King magazine may have employed a bit of Photoshop when processing this June 2008 cover shot and the accompanying inside photos. And yes, she probably has more time to work out than the average woman and blah, blah, blabbity blah. But still. Holy crap.

I was browsing magazines in Borders last week when a herd of enthusiastic, young males opposite me grabbed this issue and proceeded to drool upon it. Suffice to say that they were very (and loudly) appreciative of Ms. Dash's image. In fact, when I told my husband the story, all he heard was, "Stacy Dash is on the cover of King magazine." When she was in that Kanye West video a few years back, my friend J. and I talked about how our husbands would stop whatever they were doing when it came on. As in, they would wordlessly stare at the screen while she ran through an airport in a little strapless dress. So I knew it was just a matter of time before that issue of King turned up in our house.

And I'm not hating, because as J. once put it, "Girl, what can you say? Some people are just gifted."


H F said...

There is no way that picture is real. No way. No way! It cannot be! Because I cannot live in a universe where that is real. *putting hands over ears and not listening to you...*

Christina said...

Stacey Dash is *not* 41. Are you kidding me?? 41? Shut up!

EDP said...

I think she's made that same deal with the devil that Jacqueline Smith has. It's the only explanation.