Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Failing PR 101

I saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert a few years ago (fantastic show) when he was still married to Heather Mills. He wore an anti-landmines T-shirt and played a forgettable love song he wrote for her. It was no "Maybe I'm Amazed," but if Paul McCartney had written me a song, I wouldn't care how bad it was. I'd take "C Moon" bad. If we wound up getting divorced, I'd always have that — plus a yacht full of money. A guy I work out with said that if he came into that kind of cash, he'd find an island that hadn't been named yet and move to it.

So can anyone explain why Mills is still yammering about their divorce? I have no idea what the Mills-McCartney marriage was like, but in a PR battle against a Beatle, you're going to lose. Especially if said Beatle has been smart and tactful enough not to go off on you himself. Plus, it's always nice if you can resist publicly badmouthing the father of your child. But instead of taking the hefty divorce settlement and moving on, she's bragging about pouring water on his lawyer and all but calling Macca a ho. No wonder she got booed during the Miss USA pageant.

I think R. Kelly should give Macca a buzz and offer to write a profanity-laden, "Real Talk"-style opus for his next CD.

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