Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Reasons To Smile

It's generally been a crummy week, but it's about to get better. I just bought the 10th trade installment of the wonderful "Fables" series, plus Coldplay's (reportedly good) new CD. It's my reward for doing a fourth set of crunches this morning, since I'm no longer celebrating with cupcakes.

I've never, ever read a bad word about "Fables," a Vertigo comic that takes childhood fairy tales and stands them on their collective head. Coldplay is a different story. One of my favorite music critics, the Washington Post's J. Freedom du Lac, routinely mocks them — but he does it so well that I can't help but laugh. His review of "Viva La Vida" (which he kinda liked) made me spray my computer monitor with Coke Zero: "Missing — on purpose, presumably — are the sort of lush melodies and outsize hooks that helped make Coldplay a hit in dentists' offices worldwide."

That bit of finely crafted snark just gave me a third reason to smile today.

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