Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Costco, or Not To Costco?

People in my neighborhood are still steamed about the way Fallschase developers laid waste to a gazillion trees off of Buck Lake Road. I'm not knee-jerk anti-development, but this thing has a long, ugly history, which has given rise to yet another Wal-Mart. And that's just depressing.

I've long believed that residents wouldn't be nearly as angry if the Wal-Mart were a Target. I don't care how cheap it is; Wal-Mart provides a shitty shopping experience. The stores are cavernous, sterile and style-deficient. The lines are painfully long, and God help you if you're looking for something exotic like, say, trail mix. You will die there, and shoppers will run over your body with their shopping carts.

Boycotting the Wal-Mart is a no-brainer. The neighboring Coscto? That's another story. I have long dreamed of Costco, with its wide array of Oprah-approved wares. And if you have kids, as I do, you can never have enough toilet paper, Lysol wipes or cinnamon-flavored toothpaste. But it's still part of the same ruthlessly-executed project

So I'm struggling. Help a sister out.

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downtown guy said...

I can't do it. Can't do it! I'm filled with rage every time I see that mess.