Friday, June 6, 2008

Ha! And Ha!

I'm closing out "Sex and the City" week with a bit of gloating.

A week before the film opened, I was discussing the film with a group of guy friends, and one prediction was that a) the movie would suck and b) it would tank. That was wrong on both counts. Or, as my husband might say, "Dead, booty-ass wrong."

This just in: Entertainment Weekly reports that SaTC opened at No. 1 with a take of $56.8 million, "more than doubled box office pundits' expectations and broke a slew of records: the strongest first weekend ever for a romantic comedy, the biggest bow for an R-rated comedy, and the fifth-highest-grossing debut for an R-rated movie."

On top of this, the movie has generally gotten strong reviews. I'm a tough room, but I found it delightful. That wasn't a given just because I liked the show. One of my best friends, another tough room, said it was the equivalent of a big bowl of ice cream. Good ice cream.

I find it shocking that pundits find this development, well, shocking. Women like good movies that are funny, well-written and touching! Someone call the New Frickin' York Times.

Now, if only Hollywood could figure out that some black people like movies that don't revolve around men in grandma drag or church.


Sghoul said...

Black people only get fat suit movies because no one cares if you people talk through them.

EDP said...

Is this also to blame for no old people movies? Because they will talk (and talk and talk and talk) for 2 hours, too.

downtown guy said...

That's funny. My mom was a big fan of show and had a very "eh, whatever" reaction to the movie. But that could be because she saw it on a Friday night and doesn't like crowds.

EDP said...

The joint was full of giddy 21-year-old women wearing flower pins, DG. I feel your mom's pain!