Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Obama!

It finally hit me this morning that a multiracial man with a family that looks like mine could be the next president of the United States. Like most people, I'm generally cynical about politics, and the recent infighting in the Democratic Party has been nauseating. But I couldn't help but savor a moment that I wasn't sure I'd witness this early in my lifetime. As my husband put it, "I thought it would happen in our lifetime, but I thought I'd be old as hell before it did." Even if Obama doesn't win, he could easily run again in four more years. I don't see McCain having two terms, especially if there isn't drastic change in our Iraq war policy.

Meanwhile, could Hillary please step aside gracefully? I think it's a mistake for her black supporters to pressure Obama to put her on the ticket. I'm not saying folks like Charlie Rangel should have automatically supported Obama, but they looked pretty stupid this morning on CNN, talking about "coming together and moving forward." Please. Some of these same people all but said America wasn't ready for a man of color in the White House, that Obama should wait his turn, etc. Frankly, his refusal to play by the rules of the old guard has made his candidacy even more appealing.

I know the battle for the White House is going to be long, hard and ugly. But for now, I'm savoring a genuinely sweet and meaningful moment.

P.S.: Obama warning the GOP to lay off his wife? Hot!


downtown guy said...

See, I'd love to see a Barack/Clinton ticket. I don't quite trust Hillary, but I do think she could provide a little insider insight. Plus, talk about change!

EDP said...

Wouldn't that be something? If the race for the nomination hadn't been so ugly -- and if Hillary weren't so polarizing -- it would be great to see. But I can't see those two reconciling over Starbucks anytime soon.