Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally, Some New Coldplay

I don't care what the cool kids or Jon Pareles have to say. I love me some Coldplay. And while the new single "Violet Hill" is still growing on me, I am officially excited about their forthcoming album.

I came late to the Coldplay party after my friend Mark loaned me "A Rush of Blood to the Head" years ago. I know a big band is a big target, and these guys are huge. But I've never understood why certain people loathe them — especially when there are so many truly awful bands making money. Even when Coldplay's songs don't click, I appreciate their ambition and desire to do something interesting. Calling them "Radiohead-lite for soccer moms" is harsh — but so what if they're accessible? (And why do people assume that a band sucks if they have fans who happen to be parents? We can't all listen to Celine Dion.) Besides, Jay-Z, Timbaland and Kanye can't all be wrong.

OK, I have to admit that this parody remains funny as hell.

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