Thursday, May 29, 2008

Double Kisses and Pixie Dust

I discovered B. Scott's YouTube chatfest via Crunk and Disorderly, and for the first minute, I just stared at the screen with a mixture of confusion and fascination. First, there was the joyous giggle and the reference to his viewers/readers as "love muffins." Then there was his ... visage. I knew he wasn't a chick, but he is prom queen pretty, no pun intended. If I were still relaxing my hair, I'd e-mail him and demand to know what products he uses.

While his celebrity blog is nicely done (and surprisingly kind), B.'s YouTube channel is where the real action is. Addressing the viewer from what appears to be his apartment, he offers a mix of commentary ("I am looking for a metaphysical love!") and performance: B. Scott does African dance aerobics! B. Scott interviews a random R&B songstress! B. Scott testifies for the Lord! While sipping a cosmopolitan, he told a surprisingly touching story about how a group of gay-bashing dudes heckled him — and one of the bashers later approached him inside the convenience store and quietly offered his phone number. Deep!

My friend E., who is not easily impressed, said that B. has "that special something" that makes you want to keep watching. While I doubt ABC will be calling anytime soon, someone ought to give this man his own TV show. He's a hell of a lot more entertaining than all those chicks on "The View" combined.

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