Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shirts for Geeks — And More

I'm probably getting too old for subtly ironic/clever/geeky T-shirts, but *%$# it. If I have to be a responsible parent and taxpayer, no one's taking away my Barack Skywalker tee.

While there are many fine outlets selling this kind of apparel, one of the best I've seen is Red Bubble, which is sort of a cross between Etsy and Facebook. You can buy and sell artistic wares on Red Bubble, and you can interact with your favorite creators. For my money, the graphic artist-created T-shirts are the real stars of this site. Here are a few of my favorites:

Steampunk R2-D2 by Reece Ward

Who Is Watching by Warren Hart

Star Wars Coffee by rubyred (I love this guy's stuff and bought this one.)

The Sarcasm Foundation by digerati

How We Roll, That Is by James Lillis

There are many others, and I haven't even mentioned the many art prints. I'm not being paid to pimp Red Bubble. It's just cool to see independent, creative types flourishing in a lousy economy. Plus, I don't want to go broke alone.


James Lillis said...

I like the last one!

EDP said...

Hi there! Your shirts are extremely cool, and I am more than happy to spread the word.

Zil said...

Have you checked out the shirts at woot? They have a derby every week based on a theme, and anyone can submit a design. Everyone votes and they make and sell the winner (but it's only available for a couple of days)

Here's the derby rules:

Here's the last derby:

EDP said...

Nifty! Thanks, Zil.