Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Movie I AM Excited About

I didn't have particularly high hopes for the quality of the Wonder Woman animated movie, but it's getting very good reviews.

Entertainment Weekly: "On a geek-scale, I'd rate Wonder Woman a bit higher than this series' previous releases such as 'Superman Doomsday' and 'Justice League: The New Frontier.' "

Wired: "Directed with skill by Laura Montgomery and starring Keri Russell as the voice of bad-ass Princess Diana, Wonder Woman leans heavily on dizzying action and sexual tension to bridge the gaps between the character's various incarnations over the past seven decades."

Righteous. And it's not 14 hours long.


Sghoul said...

I am awaiting my Blu-Ray copy of this with baited breath. I have been nothing but happy with the DC straight to DVD movies. And reviewers saying this is the best so far has me even more excited.

EDP said...

And it's Wonder Woman! Sounds like they have a really good cast, too. Rosario Dawson is a cool choice for Artemis. I'm trying to shop local, so I'm waiting for my ordered copy to arrive at the Cat.

downtown guy said...

I read this and wondered what you think:

EDP said...

Oh, this is SO my next blog item! Thanks, man!

downtown guy said...