Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Just Saying ...

For some reason, I've had the "list of famous women I might switch teams for" conversation several times in the last month. Many of my female friends have similar lists and will openly discuss them. My husband insists that this subject has never come up among his male friends. Ever.

"So, no one ever says something like, 'If I were attracted to men, I guess I'd go with Boris Kodjoe?' "


"But it's hypothetical."

"We just don't have those conversations."

Whatever. I had no trouble coming up with my top five, even after booting the once top-seeded Angelina Jolie for brazen man-poaching. In no particular order:

Salma Hayek: Owner of some of the most dangerous curves in Hollywood. She's also a smart woman and a budding entertainment powerhouse who is committed to helping mothers in developing nations. Plus, have you seen her?

Sanaa Lathan: A beautiful actress who is way underrated, in my opinion. If you haven't seen her movies "Out of Time," "Love & Basketball" or "Something New," you ought to.

Dame Helen Mirren: I suspected that 60-year-old Mirren was smokin' long before that "holy s***" bikini photo appeared. And, duh, she's a great actress. Regal, talented and British. That's enough for me.

Padma Lakshmi: Salman Rushdie's ex-boo is a food nerd, former model and host of Bravo's "Top Chef." I'm even gonna forgive her for that cameo in "Glitter" as a lip-syncing pop star named Sylk.

Cate Blanchett: As if Australia hadn't done enough by providing Hugh Jackman, it also came up with actress Cate Blanchett. Those cheekbones! She has such a powerful onscreen presence, even when she's playing an icky character like the student-diddling teacher in "Notes on a Scandal." I'm sure she has bad days like the rest of us, but I have yet to see the evidence.

Who's on your list?


Anonymous said...

I've had my top 5 now for years. Nicole Scherzinger, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kat Von D....and LiLo when she eats.

EDP said...

That's a great list, especially Kat Von D. She's the baddest.

Sghoul said...

Your Hubby is right...i have NEVER had this conversation based on a same sex list.

Also...I have an upcoming story that features Helen Mirren :)

EDP said...

He's willing to go as far as, "Brad Pitt's a nice-looking dude." But that's it. I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up.

downtown guy said...

Yeah, this is not a Guy Conversation. But what did you think of Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan?

H F said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt? really?

EDP said...

LOL! Well, the orignal JLo does have a great figure. I worry about her Audrey Hepburn obsession though. DG, I haven't seen that Dylan flick yet. Is it good?

downtown guy said...

I liked it. It's arty, but I think it managed to pull off what it was trying to pull off.