Thursday, September 11, 2008

Purchase of the Week

I just ordered Brian Andersen's inaugural "Reignbow & Dee-Va" comic, which has generated a lot of good Web buzz recently. The indie title is described thusly:

"Reignbow & Dee-Va" is a Kung Fu action comic about a hyper gay secret agent (Reignbow) and his sassy butt-kicking partner (Dee-Va) trying to locate and rescue missing Treasure. Nothing is ever easy of course, as these two drama queens have to battle their way through a sea of vicious and evil vampires to get to the Treasure! This comic is a hilarious (I hope), mega action packed, cheeky comic about two secret agents who will stop at nothing to achieve their mission - except to apply the occasion lip gloss.

I generally don't go for Anime-esque illustrations, but this looks like a campy delight. I haven't encountered many gay characters in comics, and the ones who do exist tend to be women straight out of the Heterosexual Male Fantasy Encyclopedia. Nothing wrong with that, but am I to believe that all of the ripped, spandex-wearing males in the DC and Marvel universes are straight? Really?


downtown guy said...

Ever read the old Hothead Paisan comics?

EDP said...

No, never! Do you work downtown? I have a feeling my posse and yours should meet and talk comics one day.

downtown guy said...

Eh, my crew is more interested in beer and music than comics, and I'll admit that I am only interested in a few. I'm not enough of a comic geek to really hold my own when the talk turns that way. I'm a huge fan of certain genres of lit in general - lots of dystopian and apocalyptic stuff, certain strains of queer or feminist political expressions, superheroes-as-mythology, that kind of stuff. That being said, I'm always down to hang out with folks who like to talk speculative fiction in any form (especially if there is food or beer involved, but neither are required, ya know?). So yeah, I'd be all for getting up some time. I don't work downtown, but I live downtown.

Where do you hang out? I mean, I know your a mom with young'uns, so your hang out time is probably brief, but it would be fun to get up with y'all.

EDP said...

I hear you. My interests run all over the place — comics, film, dumb-ass celebrities — a reflection of my ADD. I think there's a similar ethos to our blogs, though, and as a mom, I don't get out much! It would be fun to say howdy the next time we're over in RR square, though. I go there at least once a week, even if it's just to tap into the part of myself that used to like Doc Martens.

downtown guy said...

I get over that way less than you do, I suspect, and only for shows at the Beta Bar (or whatever they're calling it now) or a few beers at St. Mike's. Right now I'm hung up Bird's Oyster Bar or Decent Pizza, because I can walk there. Ever get over that way?

Oh, and in case I haven't said it, I like your blog. Your range of topics does happen to match up with a lot of my range of interests.

By the way, I'm Hank.

EDP said...

Hey, thanks for dropping me a line via Gmail — and for reading this thing! I don't even need an excuse to hit Decent Pizza.