Friday, September 19, 2008

I Want This Girl To Be Famous

Why isn't Fefe Dobson a household name like Rihanna? More to the point, why didn't she exist when I was 15 years old? A Chucks-wearing brown girl who rocks and channels Joan Jett? Who lists Guns 'N Roses, Bob Marley and Depeche Mode among her musical influences? Are you kidding me? That would have changed my life. At the very least, it would have made me aware that, somewhere outside of my hometown, there were other young women of color who spoke my language. I kinda didn't figure that out until college.

When I first noticed the biracial Dobson a few years ago — around the same time fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne's star was rising — I was certain her profile was about to blow up. I'm not the only one, because Kanye West said something similar a while back.

I'm practically old enough to be Dobson's mother, so I'm a wee bit out of her demographic at this point. Nevertheless, I love her style, and she's still out there performing some mighty catchy songs like "Watch Me Move," which is my new jam. She's also still very young, so maybe she'll be a big star by the time my kids are old enough to buy their own music.

Until then, rock on, Fefe.

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