Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Target, You Disappoint Me

Dear Target:

I am madly in love with you. You know that. Most days, I would crawl on broken glass past a Wal-Mart to get to your beautiful Thakoon T-shirts and Method body washes. The only way Wal-Mart could get me to switch teams is by hiring greeters who look like Idris Elba and Simon Baker - and maybe not even then.

That being said, Target, mixing the plus-sized clothes with the Liz Lange maternity wear is an asshole move. And do I really need to point out that the LL outfits are better looking? It's like someone at corporate said, "Fat is fat. Plus-sized, pregnant, who cares? But let's put the big girl clothes slightly behind the maternity wear, since pregnant women are only fat temporarily."

I can wear quite a few things in your Misses section now, but since my bottom half refuses to go quietly, I still need stylish, plus-sized stuff to cover it. But it's not just about me. You're better than this. You're the discount retailer with good breeding, remember? This is not behavior befitting a store that brought Thomas O'Brien to the masses, and I expect more from you.

Hopelessly devoted to you,


Tigerpants said...

How interesting that I'm across the country from you, and my Target is set up in precisely the same way, and I was just as annoyed! Also, their plus-size clothes are usually, for the most part, pretty decent, but the new line they've brought in? Oy. It's very, um, drapy and flowy. In a year they'll stop carrying it because no one bought it, and then swear there's no market for plus-sized clothing, and eliminate the department altogether.


EDP said...

So it's not just a Tallahassee thing! Dreadful. And you are so right about the drapy/flowy/pattern-y thing the new clothes have got going on. Too much frippery!

Judith said...

Thank you!!! I was making this comment to some people a few months ago about their plus-sized section being next to maternity. It's really insulting. I love Target as well but I definitely don't go there for clothes shopping anymore.