Friday, June 12, 2009

Parenting Fail

Actual conversation with my 4-year-old daughter, C., on the way to preschool:

"Mommy, remember this old Jonas Brothers song? 'Vereh superstitious, writing's on the waaaaall ...' "

"Nononononono. That's not theirs. A man named Stevie Wonder sang it first."

"No, he didn't."

"Um, yes, he did. That song was written before they were even born. It's a very old song."

"(Sigh.) No. They sang it in a video. Remember?"

And then I launched into a semi-hysterical recounting of Stevie Wonder's life and times, which surely changed her mind. When I told my friend M. what happened, he suggested I buy "Songs in the Key of Life" immediately and pipe it into her room, then repeat with "Innervisions" and "Talking Book."

I hadn't planned on conducting an intervention between swimming lessons and play dates this weekend, but C. has left me no choice.


downtown guy said...

I thought "Yellow Submarine" was a kids' song until I was 7 or so.

Zil said...

That was totally intervention-worthy. The youngsters need to know their musical history. I'm glad you got in there early.

In addition to the stated musical selections, I think an excellent introduction to Mr. Stevie Wonder (at least in his 1980's incarnation) is that Cosby Show episode where he samples the kids saying stuff and Theo claims that "jammin' on the one" is a cool thing to say at a party. (Which,, Theo, it is not. Not even in 1986)

EDP said...

Oh, Theo. Really? "Jammin' on the one?" No one was a bigger geek than I was in 1986, and even I never said that.