Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Favorite Thing: Ill Doctrine

My friend T. alerted me to the presence of Jay Smooth's intelligent, enlightened hip-hop commentary last week, and I'm hooked. Jay's thoughts on the intersection of race and popular culture are particularly insightful, as shown in his his post on the Asher Roth "Nappy Headed Hoes" Twitter controversy. I also enjoyed his video chat with Dan Charnas, another person steeped in hip-hop culture who happens to be white. The topic: hip-hop and racial humility vs. entitlement. People are often defensive or dismissive when talking about race, which is what makes this so refreshing.


Christina said...

I love this guy so much...I started listening to quite a few of his vidcasts,lost track of him, and now you're reminding me of him again. Smart, funny, love it.

Have you also seen Elon James White's This Week in Blackness? I'd scare up a link but I'm feeling lazy.

EDP said...

He really gets it in a way that makes me want to pump my fist in agreement. So very on point!

I'll Google Elon James. Do you read Harry Allen's Media Assassin blog?