Friday, April 10, 2009

Video of the Week: "White People Problems"

Racial humor can be tricky, but this video approaches the self-deprecating genius of Stuff White People Like. And though I am not, technically, white, there were several zingers here that hit close to home. Organic food for the kids? Check. Love of Apple and Trader Joe's? Check. Frequent consumer of lattes? Check. And, uh, I have tickets to see David Sedaris next week.

In my defense, I am a good dancer.


Sghoul said...

Based on this video, I do believe that you are in fact whiter than I.

EDP said...

I think you might be right!

T.H. Elliott said...

Ha, that was really good. I like the white girl dancing, classic. All white girls think they look sexy dancing. Only about 1% do.