Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random '80s Video Of The Week: "Kiss And Tell"

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite things to do is to screen random '80s music videos for my children, ages 9 and 4. The vast majority of the time, the reaction is somewhere between baffled and wildly amused. They're used to slickly-produced musical entertainment, so the sheer goofiness of the videos I grew up on stumps them: "Why is a horse walking on stage? Wait ... what's up with him throwing paint on that girl? And is he wearing lip gloss?"

In many cases, the song is 100 times better than the video. Example A is Bryan Ferry's "Kiss and Tell," a terrific dance tune. What strikes me about this video is how Ferry looks like an accountant who wandered into a strip club on karaoke night. He's a little weary after a long day with his Excel spreadsheets, but still game for some twitchy dance action.

Pop Culture Geek Moment: I thought of this song after reading an Entertainment Weekly blurb about a possible remake of "Bright Lights, Big City." Of course, "Kiss and Tell" was on the soundtrack of the original film adaptation of Jay McInerney's novel of the same name.


T.H. Elliott said...

That was a pretty good song back then. Now?.....

EDP said...

A lot of things from the '80s haven't aged so well, have they?