Friday, February 6, 2009

I Want To See This Movie

It looks like "Medicine for Melancholy" will not be screening in Tallahassee anytime soon, even though director Barry Jenkins is a Florida native and an FSU film school grad. But I'm still stoked about this movie, which is about two people who are young (not my words) "blipsters," or black hipsters.

The movie takes place after a one-night stand between Micah and Jo, two San Francisco dwellers grappling (or not) with race and class issues. But it's also about the spark of a potential relationship, which has nothing to do with color. I haven't seen it, but it's so encouraging that someone has made a movie about black people who aren't dressed in drag, seeking redemption through gospel music, or doing an extended "Living Color" sketch. What took so long?

As someone who embraces their blackness but is also worn out by the politics and same old discussions of race, I'm intrigued by the themes in Jenkins' film. Based on what I've read, Micah and Jo have different ideas about how their blackness affects their lives, or whether it should matter at all. If you're a person of color whose interests and activities are largely associated with white people — especially in certain parts of the country — it's hard not to think about it sometimes. In my experience, other people are thinking about it for you.

The DVD is scheduled for release this spring, and I'll be ready. To read more about "Medicine for Melancholy," go here.

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