Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear T.I.: Soccer Moms Dig You, Too

Dear T.I.,

As a responsible taxpayer over the age of 35, I've talked a good game about how modern hip-hop is in the toilet and young rappers have no sense of social responsibility. I'm sure you're all too familiar with this particular rant. People my age are fond of saying things like, "Well, they're no De la Soul," and let's face it – as a soccer mom, I'm not exactly in your target audience.

But here's the thing: I downright love some of your songs: "Rubber Band Man," "Bring 'Em Out" and "You Don't Know Me" were high on my playlist, right up there with The Kinks and Jill Sobule. When you pronounced yourself "wild as the Taliban," I saluted your clever wordplay.

Then you had to go and get sentenced to a year in jail on weapons charges. Machine guns? I figured our little flirtation was done, and I moved on to Lupe Fiasco. It just wasn't the same.

Lo and behold, you did it again. "Paper Trail," with its mixture of wildly un-P.C. rhymes and catchy beats, has found its way onto my iPod — and it's giving my mopey British bands of choice a run for their money. First it was the recession-be-damned booty song "Whatever You Like." Then it was star-studded "Swagger Like Us." M.I.A.! Jay-Z! Kanye! Weezy! But you really outdid yourself with "Dead and Gone" feat. Justin Timberlake. That song is mega-dope, and it speaks to me when I'm driving my station wagon to Publix (without the kids, of course):

Ever had one of them days you wish woulda stayed home?
Run into a group of n****s, getting their hate on?
You walk by. They get wrong. You reply, then s**t get blown
Way outta proportion, way past discussion
Just you against them, pick one, then rush 'em ...

The video is pretty nifty, too. Who knew Justin's cred would last this long?

Anyway, I hope having a few twinset-wearing fans isn't too bad for your image. Good luck this next year, and I'm sure you'll emerge with lots of material for your next CD.



H F said...

Hmmm....that picture is one in which I could easily imagine Jared in 15 years...

EDP said...

Heather, I was thinking the SAME thing. (Shudders)