Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who's The Fairest Of Them All?

I don't intend to turn this into a photo blog, but I finally got a decent shot of Brando in all his blue-eyed glory. He pretty much rocks, except for his annoying habit of trying to poop on one corner of the living room carpet. I'm told this is a "texture" issue, so we've surrounded it with plastic and given him a second litterbox with a towel underneath to mimic the carpet feel. Apparently, some cats don't like to mix their liquids and solids, if you know what I mean. But he's great with the kids and doesn't keep us up at night, as some kittens do.

One of my friends has an ironic painting of his gorgeous Russian blue in his home, and I thought the whole "cat art" idea was a hoot. In my case, though, my friends might not get the joke and think I've gone completely around the bend.

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