Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dear Kim Kardashian:

I didn't want to like you, but you managed to win me over with your unexpected sweetness and willingness to answer almost any question. And I must say that current boyfriend Reggie Bush is a vast improvement over your ex, Ray-J, whose popularity with the ladies continues to baffle me.

What really impressed me was your interview with Muscle & Fitness Hers. You came across like a normal woman who has worked hard to get in shape and stay there. Your frustration with the wafer-thin beauty standard in L.A. was palpable, and I like how you are representing for women who are not shaped like 12-year-old boys — all while working hard in the gym to keep the junk in the trunk from overflowing. Heck, I was inspired. I told my friend H. that I was going to keep you in mind when that last running interval/Arnold press/lunge seemed too difficult to complete.

But then you and your sister Khloe cooked up some weight-loss product called Quicktrim, a "cleanse" that you plan to market and sell. First, there's that name. Why perpetuate the lie that body transformation is a quick and easy process? The last thing people need is more sketchy information and false hope about permanent weight loss. And you must know that, somewhere in the back of their minds, the women who plan to buy this stuff are hoping that it will make their bodies look like yours — fine print, be damned.

Judging from the reaction from fitness-loving types, this hasn't exactly bolstered your credibility. (Although you are a long, long way from "fat," the last resort of haters.) That's too bad, because it was refreshing to hear some real talk about nutrition and exercise from someone who appeared to be in the trenches with the rest of us — that is, if we were rich and worked out with Gunnar Peterson. You know what I mean.

Still, Reggie Bush? Major upgrade.



The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

you should send this to her! By the way, I think you should start a whole new blog called, "Dear Famous Person."

Well, Kim or no Kim, we will keep on keeping on!

EDP said...

Girl, don't give me any ideas! (That blog sounds like a wonderful idea, and I can already think of some guest contributors. Hmmm.)

Oh, well. My progress is motivation enough to keep on truckin'!

Zil said...

Sorry, but Kim K falls solidly in that "only famous for being famous" camp of Paris Hilton et al, and is therefore irredeemable.

Also, I am totally on board with the Dear famous person blog. Perhaps we could collaborate...

EDP said...

I am in, Zil!