Monday, December 8, 2008

Deele (sic)-Breaker

Having witty friends makes Facebook a joy. My friend B. recently dedicated his status to his intolerance of singers who pronounce angel "ain-GEL. Think Steve Tyler, Juice Newton, etc. This led to a discussion of other pronunciation tics that can ruin an otherwise good song.

"Exscape" and "Ecstablish" are not words, but they have cropped up in many a song. While R. Kelly's "Real Talk" is unacceptable for a number of reasons, the deal-breaker was the line: "The only thing I'm trying to ecstablish with you is not who's right or who's wrong."

But no vocal sin is worse than a singer saying "witchoo" instead of "with you." Back in the late '80s, Babyface sang in an R&B outfit called The Deele (yes, it was spelled that way), which had a hit with "Two Occasions." It would have been a perfectly respectable ballad if not for the offense contained in the refrain:

I only think of you on two occasions
That's day and night
I'd go for broke if I could be witchoo
Only you can make it right

No, Babyface. Only YOU can make it right by issuing a public apology.

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