Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Toy(s) Ever: Flip Wilson/Geraldine Talking Doll

Fourth in a series
The late Flip Wilson was the first cross-dresser I saw on TV. Wilson was the host of a popular variety show in the 1970s, and the best part of his act was his sassy, hair-flipping alter-ego, Geraldine. Naturally, this had to be put in (talking) plush doll form. On one side, you had the natty Flip. Turn the doll over, and you had Geraldine. But the real fun didn't start until you pulled the string to hear phrases like, "What you see is what you get, honey!" I pulled the string so much that it broke.

The Flip/Geraldine doll taught tolerance while annoying the living hell out of parents nationwide. Can any toy from the '80s make that claim? I think not.


Zil said...

Aw, Flip. I love Flip.

I also love a good pull the string/hear the catchphrase toy.

Do you still have that doll?

Also, stumbled upon these entertaining Flip clips:

Geraldine with a hot young Muhammad Ali

and Flip with non-scary 70's Micheal Jackson

EDP said...

Sweet clips! I used to love watching that show with my folks. Don't you kinda miss the variety show era? These kids don't know what they're missing. I wish I still had that doll. It's in a landfill somewhere with my Weebles.