Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Closet Case

You heard it here first: There will be a Sarah Palin paper doll for sale — complete with fashion accessories — before the week is out. The news that the Republican National Committee spent more than $150,000 on Palin's wardrobe and grooming is just too good not to be exploited. Seriously, this is the way you connect with "regular Americans?" The ones currently digging in their sofas for spare change and shopping at Wal-Mart? The last thing I bought from Saks Fifth Avenue was tube of lip gloss. And they call East Coast liberals out of touch?

I realize that image is important in these paparazzi-defined times, especially for politicians. But this looks bad from any angle, even if the clothes are destined for charity. Why can't the governor of Alaska buy her own shit? The RNC is trying to dismiss this as a frivolous media fixation, but maybe they should have thought of that before pandering to Joe Six-pack during a recession.

And I'm gonna go there: This is the best Palin could do with $150K? Something about her aesthetic - shiny jackets, bordering-on-tight skirts, a loooooot of red - is a little ghetto. Say what you want about Cindy McCain, but she is, as the kids might say, fresh to death. Palin's look says "sorta hot assistant principal." I can picture fashion guru Tim Gunn, brow furrowed, sizing her up: "Sarah? I'm concerned."

As much as Palin annoys me, she is attractive and has an enviable figure. If I had her legs, I'd probably wear snug little skirts, too. But with $150,000 to blow on clothes, I'd call up my most fashionable friends, or my sister, and ask for help in unleashing my inner Jackie Kennedy.

Whoops! I forgot: She's a liberal, East Coast elite style icon.


Christina said...

Okay, now we gon' have to fight.

I'm glad you picked that picture because I saw it earlier, and putting all politics aside...that outfit is keeyute. Srsly! I love that color and the boots are fresh. She's like an episode of What Not To Wear, after the makeover.

I think she's working that hot librarian look HARD, girl. Did you see that suit she was wearing during the VP debate? Take off the bedazzler rhinestone flag pin she's fond of wearing, and I thought she looked quite nice. She's charting a new look for women in politics and I think there's something to be said for presenting yourself in something other than pantsuits of many colors.

But, getting back into reality...I can't believe her handlers they didn't think about how this might look. A huge misstep.

EDP said...

You know, I think I'm just having a reaction to HER! Maybe if I took away the big hair and awful highlights? Something about those jackets of hers really bug me - the whimsical sleeves and ribbons. I also want to see some modern color combos like yellow and gray, and not so much red (surprising, I know). Plus, I really like pants!

Zil said...

I think a lot of it is a reaction to her. For me, her awfulness is inseparable from the clothes, which are...actually, not great.

And I don't get the hot librarian vibe at all, the assistant principal thing is more on point.

It's the money part that is going to bite her in the ass, though. They should ask Joe the Plumber what he thinks...

EDP said...

The money! Yes, Lord. The money! It is just so incredibly stupid, especially in this economy. She's less like the hot librarian than the middle-aged former Mean Girl who happens to be nearsighted. I wear glasses, and I just don't see it. No pun intended.