Monday, March 10, 2008

Nightwing's Newest Fan

Certain readers of this blog know I have a thing for current and former residents of Wayne Manor. But I was never compelled to follow the adventures of Nightwing — the original Robin, Dick Grayson — until now. Major props to writer Peter Tomasi and artist Rags Morales, who have managed to pack the last three issues with engaging, multilayered storytelling and compelling artwork.

One of the best things about Tomasi's approach is the interplay between Nightwing, Batman, Alfred and the current Robin, Tim Drake. In particular, the scenes with Dick and Tim (in or out of costume) crackle. I'm looking forward to seeing how Tomasi further explores that brother-like bond.

How good is it? Let's just say that it almost makes up for Gail Simone exiting the much-loved Birds of Prey series. Almost.

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Sghoul said...

Glad I got you hooked on it. Will have to let you read GL corps when he gets back on it. Hope her can go the distance. Might have a new writer that I follow from book to book.