Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best. Toy. Ever.

Not to turn this into bionic week, but this is why I love YouTube. If you had told me four years ago that I'd be able to view the commercial for what was only my favorite childhood toy EVER, I'd have said, "That's crazy talk." I got this one Christmas, and I'd play with it now if I could find it. And yeah, I know it was probably a piece of crap.

For the record, my hairstylist has never checked my vitals.


Christina said...

Oh my god. BIONIC BEAUTY SALON FTW! "Let me brush your beautiful hair! And make sure your bionics aren't malfunctioning. Steve Austin will be here soon!"

Here's a commercial that brings back old times for me:

And probably for mom and dad, who would find those pegs scattered all around the house.

EDP said...

Lite Brite! Holy CRAP. That toy was the absolute bomb. Remember the little black sheets of paper with patterns on them?